About OAR Solution

OARS as the name stands OCCUPANCY.ADR.REVPAR. SOLUTION is a Project Management Company dedicated to Hospitality Sector with its strengths in Revenue Management Consultation and projects related to hotels & resorts.

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We are a team of professionals around the world bringing expertise together with a single aim to focus on providing solutions on optimizing revenue growth for Hotels & Resorts.

Our multitaleted team has a background of the Hospitality Industry and have worked Internationally dealing with challenging situations with one single aim of delivering targets.

  • Preopening
  • Reopening
  • Rebranding or existing running establishment

We apply revenue management techniques to your needs, recommend tools necessary with changing trends, forecast pace based on demand, assist with simple templates required for daily operations, strategize plans and assist tools to optimize and drive your business.

" We Row You Grow"

Our Vision is to bring the best of professional experience and insight, applying the right technique in any challenging scenario, driving best results.
Revenue Management is a technique that involves certain skills and knowledge, our company has those skills and knowledge pool to assist your establishment grow faster. With the increase in distribution channels, it can sometimes be hard to monitor and forecast, optimize the various sources, which we with our professional team know it right and faster.
Revenue management is incomplete if each channel is not optimized well in today’s digital world. We offer you with simple templates to understand your business, may it be inventory or market segments. We assist you plan your budgets and create formats for sales strategy meetings. If you are new to this industry we help do the research of the market and offer you the Plug & Play guideline on Revenue Management.
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Our Services are vast and mainly cover various areas in Revenue Management. Each package can be tailormade to adapt to your needs.

Standardization & SOP’s

PMS Set Up

Pricing Strategy

Sales Strategy & SWOT Analysis


Competitive Analysis and Positioning

Optimizing Channels & Digital Marketing Essentials

Recommendation on tools

Training & Sales Strategy Discussion

Brand Promotion and increasing visibility

Room Type configuration and Set up

Market Segmentation

Conducting Meetings

Templates & Reports

Revenue generating Opportunity recommendation